O naszej firmie
Metalfusion – creating for future.

Jewelry workshop Metalfusion established in 2009 in Gdansk.
We design and manufacture silver and gold jewelry, also in combination with gems.

What distinguishes us?

METALFUSION company was founded by two experienced jewelry designers: Adam Jablonowski and Thomas Steller. Our products are created with the use of both traditional-manual and advanced methods of working.

Every few months we introduce new collections of our products.
We create jewelry in a wide range: from devotional - baptism souvenirs by gold wedding rings and engagement rings, exclusive jewelry with precious gems, to even modern gadgets for corporations .

What is quality for us? First of all, care of every single detail!
This is the sum of all the details that decides whether a product impresses with its splendor and precision. Our assumption is to not deal with low-quality cheap jewelry, which is more and more visible on store shelves.

We design all products by ourselves!
Jeweler art cannot function separately from other areas of life, especially today in very globalized world. In process of designing new collections we draw attention to current trends in fashion, media, and even architecture and product design.

Why you should trust us?

We make sure that every product or service ordered by our customers is always of top quality
Our priority is to build a brand you can trust, and thus, satisfaction of our customers.

We invite you to read our full offer!

Adam Jabłonowski & Tomasz Steller